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Shanghai Beien Machine Science & Technology Company Limited was founded in 2014,delaneyis overseas brand, located in Shanghai , Jiading District, China. Our main business is being focus on developing, production, and marketing, Sales a d After-Service of the liquid and power filling line as well as the various sizes of Double Door Drying Heater applied to manufacture of Pharmaceutical Injectable. The whole line and it’s all individual machines in the line are being in compliance with cGMP guideline during t h e stages of engineering, production and acceptance, a complete set of validation document like DQ, IQ, OQ , PQ could be proved in English version. Up to the present, t h e r e are more than 860 domestic end-users are running of our various line s and individual machines and more than 20 oversea customers are spread over worldwide in South America, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe, Russia an d Russia Union countries

1.jpg2.jpg19.jpg  The engineer has been engaged in the filling industry for more than 20 years. He has participated in the research and development and design of single-knife capping machines and has obtained 5 industry patent certificates. He is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and has cooperated with well-known pharmaceutical companies and maintained long-term friendly relations. The high-speed filling machines produced by our company The maximum speed can reach 600 bottles per minute, the operation is stable, no bottles will fall or explode, and it meets GMP standards.Provide GMP documents, customized services, and provide one-stop solutions based on the customer's actual products. A production line can be compatible with bottles of various specifications and high-quality after-sales service. We look forward to cooperating with you.





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